Writers' Studio

July 2017

The 2017 Writers' Studio at ACMAF presents two exciting options to choose from:


Telling Tales: A Creative Writing Workshop

Instructor: Robert Bausch


Each participant will have a chance to work toward the completion of a novel or short story, while focusing on individual problems and concerns. We will cover such topics as: beginnings - where and how to start; plot and plot development; characters - how to introduce them and make them distinctive and memorable; dialogue - how to make it convincing; process - how to get yourself to write when it seems impossible; flashbacks and  transitions in time -  how to make them work; exposition and conflict - strategies to get at the heart of the story; how to distinguish between crisis and conflict and how to judiciously use the former and heighten the latter; endings and how to keep a reader reading. We will also discuss the market and how to find an agent and/or publisher.


This "full-immersion class" is an opportunity to work intensively on a work-in-progress and get an immediate response from an accomplished writer and teacher, in addition to feedback from a population of readers trying to do the same thing.



You may bring a work in progress or begin something new.  In addition to our discussions, we will have time to write and reflect. If you plan to focus on a novel during the workshop, you will need to send in that portion of your novel that is completed, or the whole novel itself, as soon as possible. Only five novelists will be admitted to the workshop, all of whom must submit their work by April 25 so it can be circulated. In that way, there will be sufficient time for the other participants of the workshop to read the work and be prepared to respond. Other shorter works should be submitted on or before June 1st.


Please submit manuscripts, and any questions to: rbamalfi@aol.com



Literary Techniques in the Making: A Discussion Class for Writers & Readers

(with individual tutorials)

Instructors: Lucy Ellmann & Todd McEwen


Not a workshop! A rare opportunity for one-to-one feedback from practising novelists, with the option of long-term editorial help. We offer a constructive, thorough, artistic response to your work in progress.


In our time together as a group, we will meet each afternoon, over a glass of wine, for wide-ranging discussions about fiction, from the writer’s point of view. In tune with our musical setting, together we will look at the literary techniques in works such as Thomas Bernhard’s The Loser, Leo Tolstoy’s The Kreutzer Sonata, etc. 


Application Process: