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Winds Program

July 14-26, 2016

Flute Study

with Nancy Stagnitta



The intensive study program in Flute includes private lessons, master classes, and chamber music coachings.  Lessons and master classes with Nancy Stagnitta will focus on warm-up, breathing, and practice techniques, physical alignment and resonance, and methods for developing strong technique, confident performance skills, and freedom of artistic expression.


Flutists will also have the option to study jazz flute with Ms. Stagnitta, including basic improvisational skills, tips for playing in the jazz style, and participation in informal jazz jam sessions with members of the jazz program.


Chamber music ensembles will include students in the piano program, and will focus on sonata and duo repertoire.  Groups will be coached by various faculty artists. 


Students have the opportunity to perform as soloists and ensemble artists in Institute recitals. They will also attend the daily concerts that make up the Music Festival, and partake in the wide range of activities offered to become better acquainted with, and inspired by, Italian culture.


A typical day will include a morning lesson or coaching and an afternoon rehearsal. On a major excursion day (such as Capri or Pompeii), this schedule is adjusted. The goal is to be flexible and find as much time for music-making as possible while providing the opportunity to see some of the important cultural sites in the area.


Everyone enjoys the after-lunch siesta break (“riposo”) for time to relax or socialize on the beach. Late afternoon hours can also be used for organized sight-reading. There are optional activities including masterclasses, in-house participant recitals, lectures, etc. While there is a festival concert each evening, many participants also choose to use evening hours to free-lance.


Dinner is usually at 7:30 p.m. and festival concerts are presented on the Mediterranean schedule at 9 pm. Participants have the option to take the festival bus to out-of-town performances on selected days, where the meal plan dinner is scheduled at a local restaurant.


Application Process:

  • Complete registration form on our website or mail-in form and send with registration fee and deposit.

  • Applications are accepted until spaces are filled.

  • An audition recording is required for placement purposes. (Individual instructor will consult with all participants)

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