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Visual Arts Program

We look forward to welcoming you in Summer 2023!


A legendary retreat for artists, poets, and composers seeking inspiration in its sublime beauty, the Amalfi Coast is a natural setting to explore the visual arts.


For centuries, the sweeping coastlines and rocky cliffs have drawn painters eager to capture the breathtaking landscapes. Ceramics artists have also flocked here to experience the centuries-old tradition of majolica ceramics still flourishing in many

of the towns along the coast.


At the Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival, students are encouraged to explore the artistic traditions of the area while embarking on an intensive course of study.


The Visual Arts Program is designed to take advantage of the cultural riches in the area. Students will be able to tour an array of museums and architectural treasures, such as the Naples Archaeology Museum, the magnificently preserved Greek temples in Paestum, and the haunting ruins of Pompeii. Instructors will bring perspectives gained back into the classroom. Students may also be invited to visit local studios and meet Italian artists to exchange ideas and share techniques. An exhibit of student work is held at the end of each session.

For information on tuition fees, click here.

Visual Arts Classes offered in 2023

         David Daniels, Washington, D.C

         Rebecca Cross, Washington, D.C.

         Robert J. Devers, Washington, D.C. ​


See course descriptions here.  

See faculty artwork  here.

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