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Philip Glass: A Retrospective Tribute by Paul Barnes

On Saturday, July 23rd, the Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival will present renowned pianist Paul Barnes in concert at the historic Convento di San Francesco in Tramonti, Italy, in a recital dedicated to the contemporary minimalist composer Philip Glass. The solo recital is planned as a retrospective tribute to the two artists’ two decades long relationship. The event also honors Glass’s upcoming 80th birthday. The concert program will feature repertoire that progresses chronologically. According to Barnes, who met the composer by happenstance on a plane, “The first piece is the beginning of my relationship with Glass…this is the piece that he gave me then, so it was the beginning of our ‘love affair’.” The last selection represents the two artists’ most recent collaboration.

Barnes’s tribute to Glass’s expertise has not gone unnoticed by major music publications. According to the American Record Guide, “Barnes is a reflective and musical pianist who pays attention to every note in Glass’s music and makes it speak.” Barnes will be holding another retrospective recital in Rome on July 28th, and the pianists are currently working on a chamber music recording that will premier on April 10th, 2018.

Much of the solo recital repertoire also features music from Barnes’s most recent CD, New Generations, which highlights the vitality and significance of 21st century composers. In addition to music written by Glass, New Generations also presents the works of quite young yet immensely accomplished composers, such as Jason Bahr, Zack Stanton and Ivan Moody, among others.

Barnes hopes that his performance will encourage his audience’s appreciation for Glass’s music and prompt them to become better acquainted with more contemporary composers. Barnes’ passion for playing the works of the minimalist composer is contagious, “It’s music that I connect with on so many different levels: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

The July 23rd concert of Paul Barnes in Tramonti is open to the public.

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