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Concert Review: Gregorio Nardi

by Josh Wright

Gregorio Nardi presented a beautiful lecture recital in Naples in the astounding cathedral seen to the left. The program was centered around Liszt, with other composers' works sprinkled into the mix. Liszt wrote many of his song transcriptions in Florence. Favorites of this program were Il Penserero, a mesmerizing piece based on the famous Michelangelo statue ("The Thinker") that evoked melancholy and a cool, dark spirit. Also, we saw many of the fantastic and mystical elements of Liszt's writing in works presented on the program, including the Introduzione e Variazioni su "A te, o cara" dalle Réminiscences des Puritains de Bellini. Finally, we saw very Chopin-esque elements in the Casamorata Romanzas that were played so eloquently. Finally, Nardi gave an astounding rendition of Liszt's Schubert transcription Ständchen, evoking the tragically beautiful aria-like melodies and the colorful embellished decorations.

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