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Concert Review: Young Artist Series #2

by Josh Wright

The second Young Artist Concert was a treat for those in attendance at the Amalfi Coast Music Festival, highlighting three of the world's best and brightest young students. Starting off the concert was Elliot Wuu, whose crystalline technique and polished finesse may have left his older colleagues feeling the urge to hit the practice room hard the next day. His performance was charming, to say the least, and never overstated. He serves the music, and in his humility causes the audience to adore him and his playing. Umi Garrett followed, giving a stunning performance. Ms. Garrett has amazing technical prowess, but also takes time to reflect and allow lines to sing. Both the Beethoven and Chopin selections were performed with impeccable taste and skill. Finally, the audience was brought to their feet by Leonardo Colafelice, first prize-winner of many of the world's prestigious Young Artist competitions. His rendition of Chopin Scherzo No.4 showed great musical maturity, with long, breathing phrases that melted into one another seamlessly. The Petrushka suite he presented was nothing short of miraculous, with careful attention to capturing every color and every character this piece presents, even amidst the formidable technical landscape. He gave the perfect ending to a magical evening.

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