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Other Activities:


Concerts & Recitals:  Complementing the curriculum are daily piano recitals by faculty-artists that take place in a variety of beautiful venues in the area's historic towns.  Transportation by motor coach and optional group dinners are arranged, providing opportunities for socializing with other teachers and guests. Young artist performances by students also take place on a regular basis in our “home” venue, an elegant 15th century frescoed hall at the Palazzo Mezzacapo in Maiori.


Excursions:  The Festival offers an array of excursions, which provide a rich immersion in Italian culture with opportunities to visit the world-famous landmark touristic sites, such as Pompeii, Capri, Naples, Ravello, and more.  The tours are conducted with expert guides who have fluency in the appropriate language, together with festival staff members who are acquainted with the participants and carefully oversee all organizational details, coordinate transportation by air conditioned coach and distribute useful information sheets before the tour.


Social and Cultural Events: There are many opportunities for socializing together at meals, local cafes, on the beach, and during post-concert receptions. Local events of cultural interest include art shows, processions, and town fairs.  Festival participants may also sign up for Italian language classes and gourmet cooking lessons in “The Art of Mediterranean Cuisine.”





The Festival takes place in an extraordinarily beautiful setting with the best the Amalfi Coast has to offer. The charming seaside town of Maiori is graced by stunning landscapes of cliffs, sea, and mountains, a magnificent 13th century castle overlooking the bay, and other historic monuments. Although in close proximity to the other famous towns on the Amalfi Coast, Maiori stands out as a unique destination without the crowds and commercial overtones of other tourist centers. Its special atmosphere allows visitors to experience close-up the rhythms and nuances of authentic everyday Italian life.  The location is easy to reach in less than an hour from the Naples airport.  The Festival provides a reliable shuttle service by van or bus with qualified personnel to welcome visitors as they arrive.  Transportation can also be arranged to the Salerno Railway Station for those people who prefer to travel by train.


Upon completion of program, a certificate of participation will be awarded.

Application Process:


All Festival pianos are supplied by Progetto Piano, Naples.

Teacher to Teacher "Excellence" Program:

Developing Mastery as a Teacher the Amalfi Way

July 14 - 19, 2018

James Giles, Director
Yoshikazu Nagai, Piano Faculty Chair 


The Amalfi Method – The Way to Excellence:


Musical Community:  Our unique system for promoting excellence in teaching flourishes in the special environment of dialogue among colleagues that is paramount at the Amalfi Festival.
“Teacher to Teacher”:  Each teacher enrolled in our program will work closely with a mentoring faculty member to evaluate methods as practiced in the studio with our outstanding group of piano students.
Small Group Review:  Additionally, each teacher will follow specific students as they make their way through the program and participate in small-group review sessions.
Networking:  Teachers will benefit from the rich curriculum while enjoying many opportunities to share perspectives and network with colleagues at meals and social occasions throughout the program.




For over 20 years, the Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival has nourished a dynamic, interactive learning center with a special emphasis on the value of the musical community.  Each summer performers, teachers, and music students gather to take part in intensive study, professional dialogue, and performance, inspired by the culture and beauty of the Amalfi Coast that for centuries has drawn composers, musicians, artists and poets to the area.  All members of our musical community are encouraged to participate in the ongoing dialogue about learning and share their insights and experience. The exceptional location helps to instill a profound appreciation for the history and culture of musical traditions and creative endeavors in the arts.



  • Attendance at master classes taught by internationally acclaimed master teachers.

  • Participation in round-table discussions with a panel of international pedagogues, including professors of the leading U.S. and European music schools and conservatories. Topics may include: How to choose repertoire for your student, How to prepare you students for competitions, The Art of Interpretation, How do you teach musicality?, and What is talent?.

  • Auditing of private lessons with follow-up Q & A sessions. By observing master teachers and discussing strategy, participants will learn how to make the lessons they give more focused and effective.

  • Lecture-demonstrations will address technical questions such as the use of the larger muscle groups when teaching technique; how to practice scales and arpeggios with musical intent; relating physical movements to musical choices; and introducing sophisticated musical concepts to the intermediate student.

  • Examination of specific musical topics such as legato, articulation, rubato, pedaling, sound production, and classical versus romantic styles.


Piano Teacher Training

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