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JRA Insiders Tour- Venues

An annotated list of venues to be visited during the JRAInsiders Tour compiled by your tour leaders Robert Devers and Rebecca Ravenal. Other destinations will be added. 



  • Villa Romana

In the center of Minori you will find the subterranean ruins of a small Roman villa + museum with ceramics, glass, and marble elements from the site.​ 


  • Ceramica Ruocco

We will visit the studio of Vittorio Ruocco for a demonstration of maiolica technique.​



  • Ceramica Arte de Pasquale

The highest quality of craftsmanship and design you will see in Ravello, representing multiple genres of maiolica, ranging from elegant dinnerware sets to sculptures and large plate paintings by contemporary masters of this medium.​


  • Cosmolena

The largest gallery in Ravello with dozens of styles of maiolica produced today. Bob will give his expert insight into this amazing abundance of stylistic genres of maiolica, in a truly over the top display!​


  • Cameo Jewelry Shop

A historic cameo gallery and workshop where the owner takes great pride in demonstrating his mastery of his craft to visitors.​


  • Villa Rufolo

An enchanting historic villa with a central role in the history of Ravello, as well as cutting edge exhibitions of contemporary art throughout the grounds and multiple smaller galleries, and bookstore. The home of the Ravello Music Festival.


  • Villa Cimbrone

A sublime state of beauty, the well-conserved 12th century architecture and decorative pieces have long inspired artists from all disciplines.We'll experience the magnificent gardens, sculptures, ceramics and maiolica tile that are the root of so many modern day works.​



  • Armatruda Paper Mill

Historic paper mill with all of the original water-driven machinery and methods used. Experience paper-making and learn the craft of book arts. Visit their fine shops in the town.


  • Craft Galleries

Numerous galleries with ceramics, textiles, leathergoods, woodwork, and clothing, and so much more. We will meet some of the artists for a look at their techniques.


  • Cathedral of Amalfi & Cathedral Museum 

Astounding historic site with museum and cloister. The festival will hold an evening concert in the museum.  Not to be missed!​



  • Archaelogical Museum

A comprehensive treasury of art, with all of the artifacts from Pompeii, the Farnese Marble collection, contemporary exhibitions and more!Our guided tour through this collection gives historical context to our exploration of contemporary Italian craft.​


  • Capodimonte Museum

The Farnese Painting Collection, Maiolica from Deruta, metalworks, tapestries, exquisite craft objects from throughout history, and an impressive contemporary collection.​


  • Gran Café Gambrinus

We'll take a well-deserved break with lunch in this classic cafe from the Belle Epoch, intact and sublime spaces and confections throughout. A must -see experience.

  • Ascione Family Collection:

Show room and private collection of goldsmiths and coral jewelry makers of the Ascione family. They make gorgeous contemporary jewelry maintaining one of the most significant traditions of artisan jewelry in Naples and Campania.

  • ​San Gregorio Armeno 

This pedestrian street in historic town center is lined with shop featuring handpainted terra cotta creche figures and other domestic  figures and scenes in the longstanding presepe (creche) tradition of Naples.



  • Villa San Michele

Historic home of Axel Munthe with period rooms, sculptures and artifacts throughout, set in a colorful shade garden, bird sanctuary, overlooking the port of Capri.The view from this villa high in the hills is not to be missed!​


  • Chiesa de San Michele

A truly remarkable 16th century maiolica tile floor painting depicting the Garden of Eden.​


  • Carthusian Perfume Factory

Amazing floral and herb based perfume factory with many wonderful scent related products, from the flowers found on Capri.


  • Leather craft shops, custom made sandal workshops found throughout Capri. Excellent opportunity to watch and learn and have your own pair made while you watch.



  • Villa Guariglia

Two museums, one historic and one contemporary, showing the maiolica tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, as well as contemporary exhibitions.

  • Liguori Brothers Studio in Raito

We will have a studio visit with Pasquale Liguori demonstrating the potters wheel and playing the drums!


  • Solimene Ceramic Factory

Designed by Paolo Soleri, the building itself is a ceramic masterpiece of form follows function. Here, traditional techniques are combined with state of the art technologies, a true example of our exploration of the living legacy of Italian craft.A wide array of historic and contemporary patterns and styles is on view and available for sale.​

  • Ceramica Pinto

We will have a behind-the-scenes tour of this 300- year old factory in the heart of Vietri with contemporary and historic tiles, wares and sculptures on display.​


  • Mirko Studio

We'll visit the studio of the contemporary Maestro of Vietri, a colorful gallery with ceramic and paintings by Mirko. The unforgettable artist will meet with us.​


  • Francesco Raimondi Studio

The Number One Maestro of Vietri and his studio, with a demonstration included.​


  • Liguori Brothers Gallery in Vietri

Phenomenal contemporary gallery in Vietri with works by the brothers Liguori.   We will meet with these artists in their studio.​


  • Lloyds Baia Hotel

"History of Crafts in the Region of Campania" by noted speaker, along with a splendid lunch in this gorgeous spot.​


  • Additional Ceramic Galleries in Vietri- 20+

You'll have time to browse the many shops and galleries in this maiolica heaven.



  • Museo Correale di Terranova

A three-story gallery overlooking the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvio containing impeccable collections of marquetry, Italian Maiolica, Ming Dynasty porcelains, Meissen Wares, stone carved artifacts, paintings, glassworks, magnificent gardens and more. Guided tour included.​


  • Marquetry Museum

The founder of this fantastic museum will give us a guided tour of his collection of historic and contemporary marquetry, with prints, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and furniture.​

  • Various: You'll have time to browse the multiple fine galleries showcasing Sorrento’s linen, marquetry, glass, and craftworks throughout.



  • Maria Cuomo Winery - Lunch & Tour 

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