Janis Goodman - Visual Arts

Corcoran College of Art


Janis Goodman is a painter, professor of Fine Arts at the Corcoran College of Art and the Arts Reviewer for WETA TV Around Town. She is a recipient of numerous national and local awards and grants. Her work is in collections in the US, Italy, The Netherlands, England and Mexico.


Janis Goodman was born in New York City. She is a practicing artist with a large painting studio in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. She is a founding member of the Workingman Collective artist group. Janis is married to the Art Historian and Curator Dennis Weller.


Her paintings are deeply connected to a sense of place and location. They do not specifically pay witness to a site but provide sufficient clues to suggest an environment. . The work is a conversation around gesture, the mark and the symbolic nature of visual language. Her work follows the invisible paths connecting the dots between the observed, the imagined and the remembered. She suggests in her paintings the humblest of relationships that exist in the environment.