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Financial Assistance - We Want to Help!


We understand it’s an imposing sum.  Running an international student music festival is expensive!  Maintaining a top-level faculty and staff, scheduling master teachers and guest artists, hiring an opera house orchestra, supplying quality instruments for rehearsals, practice and concerts, arranging the best performance venues in the area, providing outstanding services and every opportunity for students and guests to take advantage of the richest musical and cultural experience of their lives requires a big investment – on all our parts! Yet we are committed to doing whatever we can to make this experience accessible to you – AND your budget.


The Amalfi Festival wants to partner with you in your campaign to raise the funds necessary for you to attend the program of your choice.


Because we are a non-profit arts organization, federally registered as a 501 (c) 3, we are able to accept donations to our scholarship fund to be designated for your use and credited to your account with us. With our endorsement, you can promote your participation in the program and invite potential supporters to play an important role in your quest to come to Italy to develop your performance. 


Donations made on your behalf may be applied to:


  • Tuition and housing fees

  • Airfare costs

  • Meal plan/food costs

  • Any other expenses involved in your stay in Italy during the program

  • In addition, prospective supporters benefit from a tax-deduction for their donation, to the extent allowed by federal law.




Grants, Fund Matching, and other support options are also offered by the Festival.

As a small, independent non-profit organization, the Amalfi Festival is not able to offer substantial scholarship awards – as much as we wish we could. Instead, small grants may be available based on audition results to students demonstrating financial need.   At the same time, we are committed to partnering with any student who is ready to take on a personal fundraising campaign (as described above) in the following ways:


  • Matching Funds: For each donation $50 and over, we will provide a 15%  “matching fund” contribution to your account (e.g. for a $500 donation, we would contribute $ 75 to your account). 

  • Incentive gifts:  For any donation of $100 we will send a gift to your supporter: a choice between an Amalfi Festival T-shirt or a set of Amalfi note cards with reproductions of original watercolors of Amalfi Coast landscapes by our resident artists and painting instructors.  For a gift of $200 or more, we will send a gift of an original hand-painted ceramic plate or bowl from the centuries-old artisan workshops in the area of Maiori, where the festival is based.

  • “Adopt a Performer”:  Whenever possible, we will solicit our own patrons to contribute to a student’s fundraising campaign.  However, we cannot predict to what extent we will succeed with these requests. [This type of donation is not eligible for Festival “matching funds.”]


If you want to take advantage of any of these financial assistance opportunities or have any questions about how the festival can help you, please contact us at:  

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