February 17, 2016


As 2016 presses forward, we would like to take a minute to reflect on the various artistic involvements of 2015 ACMAF Faculty and Vocal Alumni. 


Long-time ACMAF faculty member Barbara Hill Moore recently served as producer and music director of the dramatic new opera "Wading Home," composed by Mary Alice Rich. Based on the fictional novel by Dallas-based violinist and writer Rosalyn Story, this expansive collaborati...



Illustrious jazz guitarist, professor at USC, and new ACMAF faculty member Frank Potenza shares a bit about his own musical beginnings and approach to teaching, as well as explains the unique experience he believes the Amalfi Coast provides for young jazz musicians!


Who first ignited your passion for the art of performing and teaching music?

My parents were both passionate about music, and wanted to pass that on to their chil...











Dr. Louise Toppin, celebrated soprano and Professor and Chair of the Music Department at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill discusses the music that has inspired her over her career, her approach to the art of teaching, and what she believes students can gain from joining the Amalfi Coast Music and Arts Festival this summer!


Who first ignited your passion for the art of performing and teaching music?

My te...

August 23, 2014

Getting a chance to speak with the lovely Barbara Hill Moore is such a pleasure; she is warm and wise, and her generousity of spirit and joy in life is immediately apparent.  Here she discusses her involvement with ACMF, and the evolution of the festival over the years.

(Apologies for the background noise.  This was one of our first interviews and the ideal location was not yet hit upon).


August 13, 2014

by Jeannette Fang

July 26, 2014

Hotel Reginna

Boris Slutsky is not a fan of limitations.  One would expect, on having the duty of giving a morning masterclass on the last day of a fully loaded recital, that he would be eager to stop on time.   But with every student, he would get so immersed into teaching that the five-minute warnings were rightful annoyances to the adventure.

The bright Mikowai Ashwill began with Chopin...

August 9, 2014

by Jeannette Fang

Maiori - Palazza Mezzacapo

July 24, 2014


Usually when I hear “piano duo concert” I think of this:

It’s generally not a bad idea to keep to having only one pianist on the stage.  Except for…

The Festival Duo! 

Vigilantes against stereotypes, the festival darlings of Jim Giles and Yoshikazu Nagai strode calmly to their pianos, perfunctorily bowing and launching immediately into a perfectly coordinated Lutoslawski wi...

August 8, 2014

by Jeannette Fang

Naples, Chiesa di S. Anna dei Lombardi

July 25, 2014


Having each young artist's concert take place in a different venue is such a smart concept.  Imaginations need to be fed from reality, and the opportunity to play in breath-taking vistas are unforgettable additions to the reservoir of inspiration that young pianists can cull from. 

Whereas the beauty of Sorrento’s Parco dei Principi came from its dramatic...

August 8, 2014

Ralph Evans of the Fine Arts Quartet sits down with violin fellow Grace Kim to talk about his time at ACMF.


August 7, 2014

It was a pleasure to sit down and chat with Hee Song Joo, a lovely new addition to the ACMF piano faculty of 2014.  She takes some time to sit down with me and discuss how much her students have benefitted from being in Italy, and the differences that she's noticed between Asian and American musical training. 


August 2, 2014

by Jeannette Fang

Hotel Reginna

Thursday, July 24, 2014

When Boris Slutsky teaches, he gets this glint in his eye.  Like he has some sort of secret, just for you, and he’s going to help you find it.  That’s the fascinating thing about masterclasses.  When you’re in a lesson with Slutsky, you don’t really notice his expression because you’re so immersed in the very pithy things he’s telling you.  But when you’re watching him from...

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