Now that the Amalfi Piano Program has come to a close, how would you reflect on the value of the festival with regard to the students and faculty who participated, yourself included, and what do you believe future students would gain from participating in the festival?

Let me indulge in an exercise of comparison between a summer program such as that of the Amalfi Coast Festival, and a more typical program that is g...

How do you think the Amalfi Coast Music & Arts differs from other programs?

The obvious thing is that it is on the Amalfi Coast, in a beautiful resort town with so many Italians and not a bunch of tourists. There are a lot of festivals in Italy and throughout Europe, but often times there you will have so many tourists from America. If you’re studying in America and you see and hear fellow countrymen, I mean that’s okay, but a...

November 17, 2016

After sharing the Italian stage for last summer's festival production of Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro, five 2016 Amalfi alums have been cast in Peabody Opera's production of Figaro
and Hansel & Gretel by Humperdinck! 

Katherine Estes, mezzo-soprano - Marcellina

Christopher Hartung, baritone - Don Bartolo (Covering Figaro)

Jessica Moss, soprano - Gretel

Elizabeth Sarian, mezzo-soprano - Cherubino

Ross Tamaccio, baritone - Count...

November 7, 2016

An animated crowd turned out for our D.C. area Amalfi-Fest Art Show & Reception on November 6. Art lovers plus festival alums and staff gathered to enjoy  the visual  feast of paintings, photographs and ceramics by festival teachers and students. A beautiful home in Chevy Chase, MD was transformed by our artists into an array of galleries filled with canvasses large and small, presenting the familiar, awe-inspiring landscapes...

October 28, 2016

Having been a part of the Amalfi piano faculty from 2008-2012, what do you remember most fondly about your festival experience?

Well, so many things come to mind! Coming to the festival forever ruined me for what I thought was good Italian food: now I am forever disappointed in standard mozzarella cheese, the taste of a lemon, arugula, and seafood in general, as everything is now compared to what I tasted during my time on the...

October 17, 2016

Thank you for sharing your time with us, Katrina! After being a 3-season participant of the Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival Vocal Program, we are so thrilled to hear about the exciting new things happening in your career. Can you share a bit about your educational background and how you made the transition from the university setting into the professional music world?

I completed my bachelor's degree at Southern Methodist Un...

July 19, 2016

On Saturday, July 23rd,  the Amalfi Coast Music & Arts Festival will present renowned pianist Paul Barnes in concert at the historic Convento di San Francesco in Tramonti, Italy, in a recital dedicated to the  contemporary minimalist composer Philip Glass.  The solo recital is planned as a retrospective tribute to the two artists’ two decades long relationship. The event also honors Glass’s upcoming 80th birthday. The concert...

July 17, 2016

How would you describe your pedagogy?

“You’re trying to help someone learn to sing better in terms of improving their craft. Most often you do this with improved technique, but ultimately with the goal of the singer achieving an artistic experience both dramatically and vocally.  At the same time, as a teacher, you are building a personal relationship to support the student; you often become ‘a professional parent’, in the best...

May 9, 2016

So as a Texas girl myself, I am always thrilled to see another native Texan on faculty!

Yes, I am in fact a native Texan – I was born on the coast, lived in East Texas for a while, and then went to school at Baylor before going away for a long time. I came back here in 1994 – I was still singing, but my parents were older and I really wanted to be closer to my family.

I’m assuming that is when you joined the Texas State Faculty?


February 23, 2016


So I have quite a wide variety of questions that I’m excited to ask you, so we will just get started and see where this goes.


Dig in – we’ll have a ball!


Obviously you are a very prolific performer as well as a teacher, so how do you navigate being able to perform as widely as you do, maintain this expansive discography, and teach simultaneously?


It works wonderfully for me, because I actually get a tremendous amount of energ...

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