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Special Activities

Participants in our Institute Programs as well as guests may choose to take any or all of the special classes described below:

Italian Language Mini-Course


Daily lessons of basic Italian, with emphasis on oral communication and pronunciation through lively exchanges.

For program participants and guests.


Price: $350. Includes daily lessons.

Italian Cooking Classes


Mediterranean Cuisine of Campania : a series of regional southern Italian cooking lessons will be offered in the kitchens of the area's most famous restaurants. A gastronomic hands-on adventure where you will learn the finest traditional local pastas, savory Mediterranean side dishes, and seafood specialties. Then sit down and sample your labors at a four-course lunch! Take home the recipes and insiders' knowledge of ingredients.

For guests & program participants.


Price: $375 for series of 3 lessons (Guests only)


$135 for an individual lesson. Includes instruction, transportation, interpreter-escort, 5-course meal and recipes. (Open to both guests and Institute participants)

Ceramics Class


For guests:  A ceramics class will be offered at a world famous ceramics center within walking distance of the hotel. Daily sessions will take you through each step of shaping a piece, painting, glazing, and firing your own work, in the superb facilities of this hub of ceramics under the direction of talented artisans. A visit to the Ceramics Museum located at the Villa Guariglia is included.


Price: $365. Includes daily two hour sessions. (Guests only)


Individual 2-hour Ceramics Workshops also available: $65 (Open to both guests and Institute participants)

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