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Set in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Maiori stretches out in a beautiful plain, bordered by steep, rugged hills to the east and west, terraced with the traditional lemon groves, where Roman ruins and medieval abbeys look out to sea.  Flanked by ancient towers on both sides, the town sits on a wide, open bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Salerno, and is home to the longest and most expansive beach on the Amalfi Coast.  A tree-lined promenade along the waterfront provides spectacular views of the coast and offers visitors an array of cafes and restaurants to choose from.


Situated on the largest stretch of beach in Maiori, festival participants and guests will enjoy Hotel Sole Splendid’s spectacular sea views and luscious gardens. This delightful facility offers an onsite restaurant, café and snack bar, and is within easy reach of Maiori Beach, Church of S. Francesco, and Mezzacapo Building.

Festival participants and guests will enjoy the beautiful Hotel Reginna Palace which includes a lovely pool and private beach access. In addition, this hotel offers stunning views from the rooftop terrace, a charming library and enchanting gardens all on the magnificent hotel grounds. 

Located a few steps from the beautiful beach, the hotel Miramare offers a full continental breakfast, private balconies, and beach club access. The hotel is within easy walking distance of all festival locations, including the festival office and practice rooms. Also a short walk away is the main street, where guests and participants of the festival can explore the shopping, dining, and culture of this beautiful area.


The hotel Torre di Milo is situated a short walk from the center of town, close to many festival facilities including our practice spaces and main office. The San Domenico church and Palazzo Mezzacapo are within easy walking distance, as well as the dining and shops offered on the main street. Torre di Milo also offers a lovely garden patio and full continental breakfast.

Attractive dormitory-style housing is available at a nearby hostel, run by the historic monastery of San Francesco, complete with open-air cloister with seating area. This option is offered at a substantial savings for festival participants and students only. The hostel offers triple rooms, most of which have a private bathroom. The facilities are newly renovated and beautifully maintained. Hostel residents are encouraged to take meals on the festival meal plan to enjoy the benefits of the festival community. The guest house looks out over the water and is within walking distance of class-room facilities and rehearsal space in the town. 

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